About the project

The aim of the project is to work out the production and application technology of novel solventless and colourless epoxy-based varnishes curing via cationic UV photopolymerization (therein using LEDs as a UV source). These goals will be realized by:

  • synthesis and characterisation of novel UV cationic photoinitiators exhibiting absorption spectrum in the range of 360-400 nm,
  • synthesis and characterisation of solventless epoxy binders,
  • characterisation of UV photopolymerized varnishes applied onto steel, polymeric and wood substrates.

Finally, the effect of that project will be ready-to-use production and application technology of a novel liquid, colourless and solventless epoxy-based varnishes intended for covering:

  • steel substrates (application in heavy and automotive industry),
  • polymer based elements (to improve surface hardness abrasion resistance and chemical resistance),
  • wood and wood-based materials (flooring, furniture, door and window frames, MDF boards).

Financial support (100 %): 828 000 zł

Project realization period: January 2013 – December 2015

Project register number: LIDER/16/181/L-3/11/NCBR/2012

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